Local Thrift Stores

We partner with local thrift stores, collecting excess items that have either been on the rack past their shelf life or that they no longer have space for.  This partnership allows for another means of revenue for local stores and ensures the items stay out of the landfill.

Local Institutions

We offer area churches, schools and charities a fundraising opportunity for their organization.  The community is able to donate items conveniently in their neighborhood when their local organization hosts a fundraising drive.  The convenient drop offs keeps more clothing out of landfills.

Arch Paper

Remains is proud to partner with Arch Paper, maker of a wide variety of fiber for paper products made completely from post-consumer materials provided by Remains.  The process used by our two companies is environmentally friendly in every phase. The paper products are produced with less energy, less water and less chemicals than other recylced papers and traditional wood pulp papers.



Kona Paper

Remains, Inc. in collaboration with Arch Paper and Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. has created Kona Paper - made from recycled Coffee Bean Bag Fiber into usable paper products.


Kona Paper


We our excited to announce our first collaboration with Starbucks is in stores throughout the Midwest now!  We have partnered with Starbucks to recycle their empty burlap coffee bags and one of the recycling outlets is as usable fiber for paper.  This limited edition gift card is the first in what we hope will be an extensive list of products appearing in Starbucks using the fiber from their very own burlap sacks!