What's Happening Now?

Phase 2

We are currently located in the former Acme Battery Site. Phase 2 is the next step in reclaiming the site so that it's free of contaminates and safe to occupy and use again.

Phase 2 Update!!!

We are under way with our Phase 2 development of our property.  The environmental work is in process and we are hoping we get the all clear to demo that portion of the building soon!  We are crossing our fingers that completion of the project will occur in the Spring of 2015 as planned!

12/15/14 Update

Environmental clean up is all clear to this point.  Waiting till nicer weather to demo and build the new struture.  Keeping busy by knocking out a few of the minor tasks to keep our timeline in tact as much as possible.

2/4/16 Update

Our old building is demolished and gone, the concrete floor is in the new area.  Still waiting on the dock ramp to be poured during a stretch of nice weather.  And most importantly the new building is going up! Hope to have the building in place by Spring as we can set up the interior as desired by late Spring! Check our facebook page for regular updates and pictures!

7/24/17 Update

Our new addition is completed and we have all of our permits in place. We have our new mezzanine installed and we are ready to set up a couple new projects in the space!