Our Story

Owner, Kelly Stewart, had an interest in vintage and used clothing since the 1970's.  After scouring thrift shops and department stores, he opened a small retail store on Hampton Avenue in St. Louis, MO in 1981.  Seeing the potential for growth, he purchased a warehouse on Meramec Avenue in 1995.  It was at this location that the direction of the business took a turn to where it is now.  The company was fitted with equipment - balers, conveyors, forklifts, trucks and trailers.  Over the years, the Department of Natural Resources and the St. Louis-Jefferson County Solid Waste Management District have both awarded grant money for the continued growth and expansion of Remains, Inc. In 2005 with assistance from the Brownfield Tax Credit program, Remains, Inc. moved into the former Acme Battery Site at 3340 Morganford. 


2022 - Whitehouse & Schapiro

Early in 2022, Kelly Stewart retired and sold Remains Inc. to Whitehouse & Schapiro in Baltimore. Other than a name change from Remains, Inc. to Remains LLC, Remains continues to provide the community with the same options for reuse and recycling of used clothing and textiles that it has known all these years.


Whitehouse & Schapiro, webuyrags.com, will compliment our operation with 5 generations of expertise and networks.